Monday, June 10, 2013


Today when I was able to learn, I learned about how to management employees, start from how to provide feedback from superiors to subordinates until provide a review. manners and courtesy are definitely things that can not be abandoned, it is very important, in behaviour certainly especially within the scope of the office. some things to be learned today is as follows:

What we talk about when we talk about constructive feedback :

# We talk about feedback as being constructive: It increases self-awareness, offers options and encourages development. 
# It must focus on behaviors rather than general characteristics (observable actions that help the receiver understand what has been done effectively or what needs to be changed). 
# It must be clear and complete: Words are only a 7% of the message. 
# Sharing feelings increases the commitment. 
# Timing is important! But, it is better to deliver the feedback even if timing is not ideal than to avoid doing it.

Managing feedback conversation :

# Keep in mind to point at behaviors! Poorly crafted and delivered messages can trigger feelings of self-doubt, anger, shock, or resistance.
# Observe the employee’s choice of words, tone, and facial expressions to assess the emotions and respond accordingly. Bear in mind that only 7% of a message is in the words!
# If the employee acts shocked, aggressive, or defensive, maintain your composure. Be considerate yet firm with the employee, and reiterate your point with substantial examples and next steps.
# Use precise and simple language with sufficient examples to support the feedback.
# Remember to listen! A key is to let the employee speak first. Do not interrupt.
# Make the employee feel respected by allowing him/her to share his/her true reactions and emotions with you.
# Do not moderate your feedback to alleviate the reaction.

Feedback Follow Up :

# Follow up with employee to ensure accountability and adjust plan as needed.
# Provide reinforcing feedback on progress.
# Don’t rely on your memory – jot down short bullet points relating to the facts of the situation, including dates/times.
# Think thoroughly about the questions that will help you as a leader, to identify areas of possible improvement to foster a positive work environment.

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